Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1996 BMW Z3 Throttle Cable Issue - PART 1

So I drive my car to work, no problems. Shut the car off, work till lunch then I go back out start the car for lunch and have no gas pedal, just a free swinging foot pedal. First thing I do is pop the hood take a look at the throttle housing and cables. I trace them from the throttle body to the firewall and see that all look fine under the hood so I look in the drivers side under the dash and find the black panel covering the area I need to see. I remove two "flathead" plastic screws and remove the panel then I see the gas pedal and it flops back and forth. I look farther up where the Throttle cable connects and sure enough the cable is there and the pedal is disconnected. I try to connect it and there seems to be a missing bushing or something that used to hold the cable in place is missing. I need to get it home so I have to rig it up to work till I can fix it properly without towing it. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, EVEN THEN I'M NOT RECOMMENDING IT IF YOU DO IT IT'S ON YOU!
I took a small paper clip slid it over the end and through the Gas Pedal connection then I secured it with a rubber band to keep it from falling out. I then Started the car and made sure that giving it gas would accelerate and decelerate with no issue. The deceleration obviously is the most important part here.

However after rigging it up to get it home I will now have to find how to secure it in a more permanent and safe manner.

See Part 2 and Part 3 of this Blog Post.

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  1. There are a lot of really awesome bmws. They are fast and sleek. I love these cars.