Tuesday, February 28, 2012

1996 BMW Stereo CODE WAIT

1996 BMW Z3 "CODE WAIT" Radio Locked
 1996 BMW Z3 Stereo went into "CODE WAIT". Well actually I put it in Code Wait. SO I replaced my O2 Sensor as indicated in my posts Part 1 and Part 2. After I replaced the Sensor I removed the negative battery terminal connector for 30 minutes to reset the light (If the check engine light stays on try disconnecting the battery to reset the car's computer). Which when I reconnected it I had to set my clock which was easy BUT when I turned on the Stereo, on the display it showed CODE _ _ _ _ _  and by entering numbers from the preset buttons it either worked or didn't. I FORTUNATELY have the CODE however for purposes of writing this blog I purposely entered the incorrect code into my BMW Z Radio and it went into "CODE WAIT". So if you do this here is what you have to do to fix it. First you have to do one of two things.

1. Disconnect the Battery to reset the computer again.
2. Leave the car in the "ON" position for 90 Minutes and the radio will reset and "CODE" will appear.

you can now enter your code.....If you have it. Typically it is given to the owner and may be with a seperate Radio "Security" packet. and will have two small credit card, cards that have the "CODE" on them. IF by some chance you do not have the code you can get it by finding the serial number of the radio and taking it to your dealer. Here is the way to get the Serial Number. 

1. If the radio is in the "CODE" mode awaiting you to enter a 5 digit code you can hold in your "M" button and it will display the S/N of the radio.
2. Remove the radio and look at the back.

No take the Serial Number to your BMW Dealer with your proof of ownership (Registration, bill of sale, etc...) they will look up your Code for you.
There is one problem here. There are two manufacturers of radios in most BMW cars, Alpine and Blaupunkt
If you get the code from the dealer it may be wrong because you go the one for the opposite radio manufacturer. If they give you the wrong code try it in the radio and if it doesn't work reset the radio again and go back into the dealer and tell them the situation ALSO when they say "Sorry we can't help you then" or "well then it must not be the original radio that came with the car" Tell them  "You know that there two manufacturers of the radios and that there is a chance that there is another code and they gave you the wrong one".  If they don't give you a second number tell them also to call BMWNA who are the people that provide assistance to the BMW Dealers when they get stumped.  Once you have the right code and you input it into the radio it takes about 5 seconds for the code to unlock the radio and you will have music again.


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